The Gasch Lab is dedicated to understanding how eukaryotic cells sense and respond to environmental stresses and how defects in the process underlie disease and dysfunction.  Our lab incorporates genomics and systems biology to understand principles of stress resistance, genetic variation in environmental responses, and evolution of stress defense systems.

The lab is part of the UW-Madison Laboratory of Genetics and the new Center for Genomic Science Innovation (CGSI), for which Audrey Gasch is the Director.  Find out more about our research and its impact on the following pages.

Postdoctoral positions are available, see side bar for details!

Postdoctoral Positions Available:

Several exciting postdoc opportunities:

  • Natural variation in aneuploidy tolerance in wild yeast
  • Understanding quiescence defects including translational errors in aneuploid yeast
  • Testing models of aneuploidy toxicity from yeast in a human Down syndrome mode
  • Inquire with Audrey Gasch for more information and to apply

We’re thrilled to be part of one of 25 centers in the new NHGRI IGVF consortium!

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