Audrey P. Gasch, Principal Investigator.  CV

Professor of Genetics, Laboratory of Genetics & Genome Center of Wisconsin, Director of Graduate Studies in Genetics, UW-Madison

Postdoctoral Fellows

Kevin Myers, PhD:  Understanding the effects of anaerobosis on xylose fermentation

Graduate Students

Leah Escalante, Genetics Program:  mRNA life cycles & cellular signaling
Matt MacGilvray, Microbiology Program:  Omic analysis of stress-activated signaling networks.
Dee Robinson, Genetics Program:  Natural variation in stress tolerance

Undergraduate Students

Ruoyi Cai

Research Staff

James Hose, Lab Manager:  Aneuploidy tolerance in wild yeast isolates
Mike Place, Research Programmer

Former Students & Postdocs

Adriana Alejandro-Osorio, PhD.  Current position: Alejandro Consulting Group, LLC 
Qiaoning Guan, PhD.  Current position: Asst. Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Director of Laboratory of Genetics & Genomics, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Jessica Clarke, MS.
Scott Topper, PhD.  Current position:  Head of Clinical Genomics, Invitae
David Berry, PhD.  Current position:  Epic Systems
Dana Huebert-Lima, PhD. Current position:  Assistant professor, West Virginia University
Claire Chung, MS.
Suraiya (Ruma) Haroon, PhD.  Current position:  Postdoctoral fellow, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Jessie Will, University of Georgia, Escalante Lab Manager
Jeff Lewis, PhD.  Current position:  Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas
Dana Wohlbach, PhD.  Current position:  Assistant Professor, Dickinson College
Tejaswini Pachpor, PhD.
Nikolay Rovinskiy, PhD:  Programmer, DNASTAR
Katie Clowers, PhD:  Postdoc, Gygi lab, Harvard University.
Elisha Yi-Hsuan Ho,PhD:   Postdoc, Eric Bennett, UCSD
Maria Sardi, PhD:  Cargill

News & Press

Postdoctoral Position available with Gitter Lab.

Congratulations to Maria Sardi for her position at Cargill

Congratulations to Leah Escalante for her NSF Predoctoral Fellowship

Congrats to Dee Robinson on his GSTP fellowship

Congratulations to Matt MacGilvray on his recent PhD defense & position at the FDA

School request form for Family Science Nights Volunteers available here.

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