In the spirit of the Wisconsin Idea, which aims to bring 
UW research to residents of the state, Dr. Gasch and 
members of her lab actively participate in scientific outreach 
to the local community.  

UW-Madison has outstanding outreach activities and programs, several of which members of our lab participate in. In addition to on-campus activities, we are involved with several initiatives aimed at brining hands-on science activities into schools and community centers, to expose kids from varied demographics who do not otherwise have access to on-campus events.

Find out more about the programs we participate in below.

Want to support our efforts?  Gifts are used to purchase equipment, supplies, and take-home activities for students.  Contact agasch@wisc.edu to contribute.

Family Science Nights Volunteer Connection program
In collaboration with the UW-Madison Adult Role Models in Science (ARMS) group at UW-Madison, we are connecting scores of science volunteers and outreach groups from UW-Madison, Madison College (MATC), Madison Biotech and the community with K-8 schools.  A primary goal is to bring hands-on activities into local schools to reach kids who may not otherwise participate in on-campus science events.  

Find out more and contact Audrey Gasch (agasch@wisc.edu) to volunteer.

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School request form for Family Science Nights Volunteers available here.

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